1.  The office is on the tenth floor. It will be too tiring if we climb the stairs;we'd better take the ______  .
     A. elevator   B. tram    C. ascender   D.  riser

2.  If you want to lose weight, you should not eat between  _____  .
     A. terms    B.  travel    C.  meals      D.  limits

專有名詞   http://www.ichacha.net/search.aspx?q=between%20meals

between meals



He is addicted to caffeine. Every morning, he will never truly wake up until he sips a cup of freshly  ______  coffee.
A.  squeezed   B.  brewed    C.  drained   D.  cooked

D吧  ........  B才對   專有名詞

Brewed Coffee(應該叫做 過濾式的咖啡吧)

sip  vi.
1. 啜飲[(+at)]
1. 呷,啜
1. 啜飲[U]
2. 一小口[C][(+of)]

addicted   v.t.
1. to devote or give oneself up to
1. person who addicts himself, esp. to drugs

squeeze  vt.
1. 榨,擠,壓,擰
2. 榨出,擠出[(+out of/from)];塞進[(+into)]
3. 緊抱,緊握
4. 勒索;強取;使負擔沈重[(+out of/from)]
5. 壓縮,減少
6. 勉強得到
1. 榨,擠,壓,擰
2. 擠著行進
3. 壓榨
4. 勉強得到(或通過)
1. 榨;壓榨
2. 緊抱,緊握
3. 少量的榨汁[S][(+of)]
4. 【口】擁擠;擁擠的一群[S]
5. 拮据;困境;銀根緊縮[S1]


brewed  adj. (形容詞 adjective   喝醉酒的



  • 1. a pipe or channel that carries off water, sewage, etc
  • 2. an instance or cause of continuous diminution in resources or energy; depletion
  • 3. a device, such as a tube, for insertion into a wound, incision, or bodily cavity to drain off pus, etc
  • 4. the electrode region in a field-effect transistor into which majority carriers flow from the interelectrode conductivity channel


Many vineyard owners are concerned that oversupply may cause the _____  prices of wine to drop on the market.
A.  quota   B  retail   C  surplus    D.  tariff


quota  n.
1. 配額;定額;限額[C

retail  n.
1. 零售[U]
1. 零售的[B]
1. 以零售方式;以零售價格
1. 零售[(+at/for)]
1. 零售[(+at/for)]


surplus  n.
1. 過剩;剩餘物;剩餘額[C][U]
2. 盈餘;公積金;順差[C][U]
1. 過剩的,剩餘的
2. 出售剩餘物資的


tariff  n.[C]
1. 關稅;稅率;關稅表
2. 價目表;收費表
3. 【英】(列有價目的)菜單
4. 【美】【口】價錢
1. 對...徵收關稅
2. 定...的稅率;按稅率定...的價格

vineyard   n.
1. 葡萄園[C]

On our way to the movie theater, we met five girls, two of  ________ wore red skirts.
A.   them     B.  those   C.  who   D. whom

A吧  文法  不會  D才對


She can share with us her experience abroad. She has ________ many countries around the world.
A.  gone to    B.  been visited   C.  been to   D.   touring

B吧  文法  .........  C才對


 _________   the necessary qualifications, the applicant was not considered suitable for the job.
A.   Lacking   B.  He lacked    C.  Lacked     D .  Lacked of

文法  不會   C吧   ..........  A才對 



1. 賦予(或取得)資格[U]
2. 資格,能力[P][(+for)][+to-v]
3. 資格證書,執照[C]
4. 限制,限定;限定性條件[U][C][+(that)]
5. 歸屬;描述[U]


applicant  n.
1. 申請人[C][(+for)]


Mr. Lin: Hello, may I speak to Mr. Wang, please?
Ms. Chen:  ________  Would you like to leave a message?
Mr. Lin: I'll call him later. Thank you.
A. Hold on, please.
B. Sorry, wrong number.
C. He is not available right now.
D. I will put you through.


Danny: What's the matter? You really look down.
Michael:  ______________
Danny: Cheer up! It's not the end of the world.

A.  I an in a fever of excitement.
B.  My boss was mad at me for making a mistake.
C.  I never look down upon you.
D. You must have got out of bed on the wrong side.


Gary: How was your trip to Thailand?
Janet: Awful. I spent most of my time in the hotel.

Gary:  _____________
Janet: It was raining heavily when I was there.
Gary: That was too bad.
A. Was it fun?    B.   How come?         C.Why won't you go out ?     D. Which hotel?

以為 C .         B才對

How come?




Betty: Would you like some more beef?
Henry: _________   I'm already too full.
Betty: How about some fruit?
Yes, please No, thanks.
That's great. No wonder.

beef  n.
1. 牛肉[U]


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