1. Jane does not really need to lose any more weight. She already looks _____ .
A.  sharp     B. short     C.slim        D.strong


2.No one knows the actress is in her thirties. She looks like a girl _____  a woman.
A.    far beyond    B. rather than     C.   well above    D.  in place of


3.The sun always _____  in the east.
A.    rose    B.  rises     C.   has risen             D.  does rise


4.Mrs. Wang made us ___   late again after class today.
A.    stay    B.   to stay      C.  staying             D.   stayed


5.The river ___  runs through London is the Thames.
A.    it    B.   who       C.   where      D.   which

B吧  文法  ......... 簡單的也錯  D才對


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