1. My television has nearly 50 ____ . There are many programs I can choose from .

a.  channels   b. department   c.  commercials     d. confessions

A .



2. I don't think educational reform will work . I am so ____  about it .

a rebellious    b.  pessimistic     c. competent   d. complacent

B吧  出現第二次


3. The weather  is  too ___  here in the summer .  It is  very  hot and damp .

a. humorous   b. humble   c. human   d. humid



4. The photo of a polar  bear  with  her  cub  on  a  melting  ___  reminds  people  of  the  danger  of  the  climate  crisis .

a. icecream   b.  chocolate     c.  iceberg      d. glass

A吧   .......... C才對


5. Peter uses  "Warrior " as his password  when  he _____ on to the   Internet  chat room .

a. files   b. logs   c. tips   d.walks



6.When facing an   accusation  we should  examine  our  behavior  first  instead  of  others .

a. blaming   b. resolving   c. counting     d. abridging


7. I  do not think  that  these  findings  on the  brain   structure  of  rats  can  make 

    any  to the  study of  human  brains.  Human  brains  are much  more  complex, after  all.

a.  appreciation   b. contribution   c. invasion    d.reaction


8. Christmas  is  around  the  corner !  Let'  s  have  a  Christmas  tree  ___  .

a. decorate   b. decorating   c. decorated    d.  to  decorate

A吧  文法不懂       .......... C 才對


9. ___ of any  latest news ,  I  will  let  you know  as soon as  possible .

a. Informing     b. Informed        C.  To  inform    D. By informing

A吧  文法不懂    ..........  B才對    


10  The  manager  nodded , although it was  not  at  all  clear ___  he was  agreeing .

a who   b  whom    c to whom     d with  whom

A吧  文法不懂    .........   D才對


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